Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not as simple as one might have been led to believe. It is a series of complex processes that take time, the right expertise, and consistency to achieve desired results. Today’s business owners understand the importance of SEO and quite often, they get frustrated because either their strategy failed, or it did not deliver full results.

The biggest problem From small businesses to large corporations, most strategies that miss the mark failed at one of two things: realizing that the end goal of an SEO strategy is to capture the attention and convey the best message to the right audience and ensure that you rank higher in search engines, or knowing that the results are not realized overnight. Simply, even with the best SEO strategy, you cannot be ranked the no.1 website in a couple of months. However, with constant fine-tuning and development of the strategy over time, you are sure to realize meaningful progress. The key is regular improvements. Search marketing is a fast moving field so yesterday’s tricks may not work today.

Beneath a Failing SEO strategy If you have already implemented an SEO strategy in your business, it is very important that you understand the reasons why it is coming up short. Here are some of the reasons why your strategy may not be achieving full results.

1. Ignoring social media

Some large corporations have mixed emotions when it comes to incorporating social media into their SEO strategies. It is 2018. So you are being willingly ignorant if you are not using it as part of your SEO strategy. A well optimized and active social media account shows in search engines. You should know which social sites your target audience use and start there, maintaining a small number of social media channels for effectiveness.

2. Outdated methods

Search engines update their algorithms regularly, and SEO’s best practices change with them. Use of the old tactics could be the main cause of the undesired results. Also, some old SEO practices that were once acceptable are now spammy and could lead to a penalty.

3. Unrealistic goals

Your definition of success will be dependent on the achievement of your goals so it is important to understand what is achievable and what is not. You also have to be ready to put in a lot of money and effort. You get what you paid for and holding your finances back will only lead to a failed SEO campaign.

4. Lack of oversight

SEO is a highly lucrative venture. As such, unethical companies, lack of transparency, and shady practices have become widespread in the industry. Hiring an industry giant is no longer enough. There is a high possibility that you can be taken for a ride, and will only realize after putting in a lot of money and time. You need to constantly check your progress against set goals and take note of any changes to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

5. Patience

There is no telling when your SEO efforts will start bearing fruits, but one thing is for sure; it will not happen overnight. There are times when you may plug away for months without any actionable improvements, then just as you were about to give up, your rankings jump up. This means patience, coupled with consistency, is a virtue that every SEO specialist must practice.

An SEO campaign takes time to deliver the greatest impact and one might be tempted to bail out. The only reason why most SEO campaigns do not deliver full results despite spending millions is that they are on their growth stage and one need only to be patient. So being smart, and staying consistent is the best way to reap the fruits of SEO.

If you are planning on starting a home-based business, then there are a lot of options you can explore. You need a business idea that fits within your budget limits, certain skills set and a perfect home background. Also, you need a business
that will generate a considerable amount of profit within the shortest time possible. Here are few business ideas you might find viable.

Personal Trainer

A population that mainly consists of baby boomers who are eager to invest in longevity is a potential goldmine for personal trainers. You can create a room in your house for training or visit clients in their homes. You just need a certification from the local authorities, insurance coverage and a little bit of marketing to get started.

Web Design Business

If you have good web development skills, then you can become a web designer. Web design offers potentially lucrative salaries and an opportunity for growth. You can choose to work as a freelancer for sites such as Elance, and Upwork or create your own web development company. All you need is a high-performance computer and great web development skills to thrive in this business.

Home Day Care Services Provider

Many mothers would appreciate someone who can help them take care of their children while they are at work. You can really gain a lot of money with a day care facility. Just get one room inside your house and remodel it to create a conducive environment for children. If you have enough money, you can set up a playground in the backyard. You will be amazed by how many customers you get in the first week.

College Application Consulting

A college application consulting business helps parents whose children are about to be admitted in college to get the lowest price for their education. The business also advises parents on how to select the right college, fill out relevant application forms and write good college essays. In order to thrive in this business, you must have a deeper understanding of college financial programs.

Consignment Store

A consignment store is a shop that sells second hand items. These could include pre-owned cloths, jewelry, electronics and metals. Make sure the items you put in stock are clean and well cared for. Also make sure the store has a fresh and clean

Grant Writing Services

A grant writing service helps grand seekers find potential funders. As grant writer, you will work with
individuals seeking financial support as well as non-profit organizations looking to fund their projects.

E-Commerce Site

With the increasing number of people who shop online, you can really build a fortune with an online business. If you doubt this, then think about Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma. The two are now multi-billionaires, thanks to their e-commerce sites. You simply need a good web designer and an aggressive marketing strategy to make your e-commerce site a success.

Starting a home-based business comes with a lot of benefits. It saves you commute time, reduces operational costs and offers flexible working hours. The ideas discussed above will help you start a profitable home-based business with minimal capital.

We are living in a polluted world that keeps our health and that of other living organisms at risk. Water pollution, for instance, has led to the depletion of various marine species. Oil spills into water bodies have made marine life difficult. The air we inhale today is full of pollution from a variety of sources. Chemicals emitted from factories, car emissions, dust, mold spores and pollen all contribute to air pollution. However, pollen can gain a considerable level of tolerance because it is from pollination that we humans get the food we eat. Mold spores cause mold poisoning symptoms in humans thus people sensitive to mold should avoid inhaling or touching the spores. Dry areas or mines have the highest composition of dust. therefore dust has no preference in strategic eradication of air pollution. Factories are also significant contributors to air pollution through chemicals they emit. They should seek to covert these emissions into less toxic gases before they emit them into the free air.

The largest composition of air pollution comes from car emissions. Statistics show that the number of cars in the world today could be as many as the people living in it. All these cars either have petrol engines or diesel engines. You should already be visualizing on some gases from combustive fuels that are being released o the air by these moving cars. It is evident that with such a rate of air pollution, we have jeopardized future. However, its never too late to change our course and enjoy the kind of future we desire.

China has taken a profound concern by seeking to ban petrol and diesel cars shortly and promote manufacturing of electric vehicles.The success of this initiative by China is probably high. China is known for its car manufacturing technology. It provides the largest car market in the world. In the previous year, China sold more than twenty eight million vehicles. Other nations supported china’s move; like the France and Britain which announced similar plans to ban selling petrol and diesel vehicles from the year 2040. The government of China is running at a quite fast speed towards this initiative.

It has introduced a regulation in a draft that compels all its vehicle manufactures to make as many as possible electric vehicles by the year 2020. China’s vehicle industries have already started the implementation of this regulation. Over the last year, China recorded a sale of 500,000 electric vehicles which is more than 50% more than the year 2015. The Volvo company will have its first 100% electric car introduced in the market in 2019 while the ford company will launch its first electric vehicle early next year.

Similarly, Tesla is an organization founded in 2003 to accelerate the transition of the world to sustainable energy. It’s evident that Tesla has achieved its mission to this day. Tesla is not only producing electric vehicles but also generating clean energy and storage products. The electric vehicles manufactured have greater advantages over the gasoline cars. They are fast, and the driver finds more fun driving them. Tesla produces its cars in California Fremont Factory. The speed at which Tesla is moving can indicate the success of elimination of petrol and diesel vehicles in the market. There are no doubts that we are moving towards our desired future.

Google is a group of companies which deals with Android Apps, YouTube, Gmail, Google maps and search engine. Google the search engine controls almost 90% of the searches overall on the internet. It is also known as search giant. Most of the services provided by Google are free. A user uses all of its services free without paying any thing.

Google creates its revenue from intent advertising, google advertises video adds, banners and it also sells subscription based services to the users like Microsoft. There are applications on Android which are subscribed by paying the app cost. Similarly google plays all the advertisements on its web sites to generate its revenue.

Google’s search engine is the most popular service it provides a clean search data with thousands of pages loaded. It is the largest search engine in the world.

In a super competitive market where there are IT giants like Microsoft and yahoo which share the most of IT company shares think that the Google search is all about monopoly. However, it is still under discussion that is it for real or just the anger of competitors about the company.

Google Monopoly is just a claim

Google is not being competed since 2000s by any other company it almost shares the 67% of search market with less than 3% of advertising market globally. Whereas it owns 0.24% of customers of technology market. In 2014 Google had the amount revenue of 60 billion dollars which came from the Google Search Engine. While in 2015 Google reached the search engine shares of 75% which means that around 13 billion users use Google search in a month. This is claimed as monopoly of google by many of the Tech companies but Google has not forced its customers to use it or it has not suppressed other search engines. It is all the game of words and providing the better services.

According to the former CEO of Microsoft he claims that Google is playing monopoly by advertising its own services more and he thinks that Google charges $1 to billions to advertise a product on its search engine. In other words, they advertise the things which pay more, but he couldn’t prove later whatever he claimed.

Many of the Tech companies play against it and file cases but it many of them ended in the favor of google. Referring to other analysts Google is just a Tech company like many others but the companies like Microsoft which share 18% and yahoo which shares 11% of market share think a company with 0.24% market share plays monopoly.

Google has its motto of “Don’t be Evil” and it is part of the ethics and branding their products. It’s easy to squeeze the competitors by affording monopoly while the companies like Google are continuously working hard to provide the better services day by day. These kinds of monopolies and games are their part of business which Google faces every day.

How the EU sued Google for search results manipulation:

Google has been sued with a fine of $2.7 billion by European Commission for breaking its anti-trust law. According to the spokesperson of European Union that during the search results of shopping Google’s own shopping service it has promoted its shopping service while demoting the services of few of the best shopping services which is ethically illegal as per the laws of European Union. As per the case file it has been mentioned that Google should give equal opportunities to everyone instead of promoting its own products by using its own numbering search algorithms. In continuation Google, has rejected the claim saying that it will appeal in the court after reviewing the matter carefully.

For a company, which is providing better services, monopoly is part of its everyday activity. Similarly, Google is sure that the revenue it generates from its search engines is utilized for other services few of which failed as well like Google plus. While the only cash flow for Google is its searches and advertisements which are utilized in company to keep it stable and going forward. The Google monopoly are just the claims nothing really exits to prove it!

If ever there was a contentious topic bubbling away under the surface of society’s discussion about the future, its climate change, and global warming. From President Obama’s signature on the 2015 Paris climate agreement where 195 nations signed up to begin dealing with greenhouse gas emissions to President Trumps 2017 decision to withdraw, controversy and culture wars have dogged the global warming discussion.

Gunfight At The Climate Change Corral

Both sides have become firmly entrenched in their positions. From global warming deniers to its most passionate defenders and advocates for action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a showdown is looming.

One of the issues with climate change per se is its not always obvious. Aside from extreme weather events and pictures of fast-disappearing glaciers and diminishing ice deposits in the Arctic and Antarctic climate change rarely whacks members of the public around the head and demands their attention. It all feels very technical, complicated and far away. In short, politically it is the sort of issues where politicians are only too happy to kick that particular can down the road. In short, politically it is the sort of issues where politicians are only too happy to kick that particular can down the road.

Science with few exceptions seems to be lining up en mass one side of the debate, issuing warnings about the planet rushing towards a tipping point event where the rapid build up of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere will cross a threshold, making the changes to our world’s climate irreversible.

Evidence that global warming is indeed a thing and that humans are its principal cause appear overwhelming, assuming we listen to the science. Adding to the growing sense of urgency is the emergence of evidence that Earth’s climate is changing faster than scientists initially predicted.

The Case For Acting Now

1. Greenhouses gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, linger in our atmosphere for years

2. By the end of the century sea levels are expected to have risen by up to about 23 inches

3. Average temperatures have risen by about 1.4 degrees F since the 1880s

4. The hottest decades in 400 years were the last two of the 20th century

5. By 2040 the Arctic is anticipated to be completely ice free in summer

6. The Montana Glacier National Park had 150 glaciers in the 1910s now its down to 25 glaciers

7. Coral bleaching is the worst on record since the 1980s

8. Nearly 100 million residents are within three feet of sea level

9. Many major cities are situated on vulnerable coasts

10. Melting glaciers will trigger rising sea levels accompanied by chronic water shortages in towns dependent on natural rivers for water.

Final Word

Global warming is man made. The carbon emitted today will have long-lasting consequences for generations to come. From the moment the crew of Apollo 17 took the famous “blue marble” photo of the Earth suspended in space, our awareness of the unique fragility of our planet exploded. Since then scientists have discovered other exoplanets in our galaxy but Earth remains our only habitable planet. We are rapidly changing the face of this planet and it is our collective responsibility to act now before the consequences of our inaction become devastating.

Scientists spend days and months in laboratories and coming out with discoveries that broaden our understanding of our surrounding. Through scientific inventions, we break the boundaries of what we perceive to know about the earth and its composition. These discoveries are educative and informative as well as fascinating. Below are some of the scientific inventions that have been made as the first half of 2017 nears the end.

Drawing water out of thin air

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California have developed have a system that is able to convert humid air into liquid water. The scientists have invented a devices that can draw water from the air in weather condition that with as low as 20% humidity. The devices which depend on solar energy, uses a metal-organic platform composed of fumarate and zirconium to draw water from humid air. The device can suck three water quarts in 12 hours if placed in places that are between 20% to 30% humid. According to the scientist, the device is ideal in places that are not accessed to clean water.

Turning hydrogen into a metal

Harvard-based scientists have developed means to turn the lightest element-hydrogen into a metal. This is a fulfillment of a prediction made 80 years ago where in 1935 scientists said hydrogen can be turned into a metal if subjected to high pressure. Since then, several scientists have attempted to fulfill the prediction have been unsuccessful in developing a mechanism that can squeeze the hydrogen to the required amount of pressure without breaking the equipment. But in what could be termed as a landmark breakthrough, a group of scientists from Harvard University recently published a paper in the Science journal indicating they have successfully squeezed the element in a diamond vise to a level where it became reflective, a major property of metals.

Studies surrounding the matter are motivated by metallic hydrogen is a superconductor and hence can be used in conducting electricity without any resistance and therefore save a lot of energy that is always lost during transmission as a result f resistance.

There are seven planets the size of earth in Aquarius

NASA scientists have discovered seven earth-sized worlds with life-sustaining features around Aquarius. The worlds have water and the temperatures can sustain. The discovery has raised hopes of a much earlier hunt for alien life beyond the solar system. The discovery could be extended by the use of powerful highly innovative telescopes that are likely to be launched in the coming decade. This is the first time that several planets the size of earth have been spotted in an orbit around a central star.

New Male Contraceptive Gel that works in Monkeys

French scientists have developed a new contraceptive for male monkeys that has the possibility of working as human men contraceptives. The Vasalgel which is in gel form prevents the sperms in the body from entering the seminal fluid. A trial done on monkey showed 100% results of blocked sperms. The gel is administered as an injection in the vas deferens, which are located between the penis and testicles. In terms of actual procedure, doctors likened to getting a vasectomy only that in this case, the gel wouldn’t be permanent.


Starting up a business used to seem like a farfetched dream, with prospective business owners risking everything to commit to their new venture.

Whether that was by putting in extra hours when they were finished with their day jobs or quitting their careers to work for themselves, starting up a new business would have been a grafting affair.

Nowadays, it would not be true or fair to say that modern entrepreneurs do not work as hard but with the resources that are available can make it easier for them to conduct their business. There are also many ways in which it may be harder.

For one, things are done digitally. Before, entrepreneurs would have had to communicate with prospective customers, staff, and partners either face-to-face, on the telephone or by email. These methods usually take a little more time to do and take a lot of work to see results.

For example, a startup owner selling handmade goods would have had to find people to help promote them through word of mouth. They would then have to set up a temporary or short term stall, go to a car boot sale or sign up to trade’s fairs to find a way to sell their product.

Nowadays, creators can either set up a website or sign up to online marketplaces such as eBay or Etsy and list their item. It can then be left alone as customers visit the page and buy if they want. Hours do not need to be spent market selling. The items sit on a 24-hour marketplace ready to be bought at any time.

Modern life has also made it easy for startup companies to become global. At a point in time, being a worldwide recognized name would have been the dream for any business startup. Even to be known in your local community. With the internet, some start-ups may find themselves becoming popular in an international destination without having to ever travel there themselves.

Before, entrepreneurs would have to take business trips with the intention of promoting their venture. Now, all they have to do is market themselves to communities in these parts of the world and successfully gain interest. It is not necessarily easier, but it can now be done remotely.

Entrepreneurs have to be multitasking, jacks-of-all-trades in the modern business world.

Before, there were fewer chains of communication and forms of marketing. Also, it was easier to know which ones were effective. If you ran a home service business, then leafleting door to door may be effective. If you ran a catering business, then promoting via popular venues may have been the best way.

Nowadays, you must be knowledgeable about different forms of social media, how to correctly send an email that is not registered spam and effectively use instant messaging. Potential customers can be found on all of these mediums as people are always online and you never know how or where your business may be seen.

However, if you can’t tweet properly or post FaceBook updates like a spam bot, you can quickly put potential customers off.

There are many ways in which the business world has changed for those who want to start a new venture. One thing that is sure is entrepreneurs need to keep up with the times to maximize success.

The world of business has now recovered from the recession, and now, we are witnessing the real resurgence of entrepreneurial spirit which is in turn, increasing the startup activities all around the globe. Nowadays, we are seeing many features in newspapers praising the success of many startup organizations, but this bright part has a shady gray side. Trade experts always love to analyze the success of startups and in this search for glory, we intentionally or unintentionally ignores the companies who fell down in the journey. This article tries to give a list of reasons which play their crucial reasons behind the failure of many startups.

Unhealthy financial management: This is one of the most common reasons behind the failure of many startup organizations. Sometimes, in the initial days of operation, these companies will earn more revenue, and the top management may end up in spending money recklessly. Finally, they will end up out of cash, and this underfunding will pull them to the clutches of the financial crisis.

Worst customer service: Without proper customer service, no business organization can succeed; no matter it is a startup company or an established firm. A startup entrepreneur should always make sure that his company is giving the best possible service to its customers, and should try to solve any kinds of disputes.

Legal Challenges: Unexpected legal issues during the time of proper operation will destabilize the proper running of startups. To solve this problem, always make sure that you have a professional lawyer who can combat any judicial problems during times of legal emergencies. It is also recommended to follow all legal guidelines before starting the operations of your company.

Lack of enthusiasm: Many entrepreneurs all around the world start a startup just to earn money, and mostly, they do not have any passion towards the operation which the company is doing. This will surely result in traction, and the final result will be the closure of the company.

Lack of work-life balance: The happiness of employees have direct impacts in determining the success of any startups. Most of the startup organizations compel their employees to work on round the clock basis and this will destabilize the work-life balance among them. This imbalance will result in the lack of focus among employees, and they will fail to deliver their best.

Ego among team members: It is practically impossible to take a company to new heights with the efforts of a single employee. Building a business is always a team effort, and if ego builds among the team members, then it will disrupt the harmony which will finally result in a negative output.

Weak marketing: Sometimes, the product of a startup company will be impeccable in all aspects, but due to improper marketing strategies, it will fail to reach the doorsteps of potential customers.

Overconfidence turning to arrogance: Confidence is one of the best tools of a successful businessman, but things will not be that fruitful when confidence turns into overconfidence and arrogance. It is always recommended to control your overconfidence with the readiness to accept criticism, and it will fetch you positive results for sure.

Bad selection of location: Finding the right location is very much necessary to obtain the right customers. Bad location selection will drastically affect the sales goal, and startups may end up in a loss.

Partnership issues: Nowadays, most of the startup companies are working in partnership basis. Sometimes, disharmony will arise between co-founders, and it will destabilize the overall health of the company.

marketing analytics

So you want to be ahead of the pack come 2017! Well, if you are going to realize improved results and maintain the trend all over the New Year, then developing your strategy now is important. Just 40 days into the New Year, there is need to schedule meetings for your sales and marketing team now rather than later. While your competitors focus on how to spend their holiday annual bonuses, this is your chance to come up with strategies that will help achieve better results next year. Here are a few tips to keep your marketing strategy ahead of the rest come next year.

1. Budget well for marketing strategies next year

This the time to get in touch with the finance department for New Year marketing strategies funding details. It may seem too early, but next will presumably present opportunities with a more competitive business environment. With a clear consideration on the allocations for marketing come next year, it will be easier to come up with cost-informed strategies.

2. Dump 2016’s marketing guide in the bin

It is important to face the New Year with new ideas. If your organization is to benefit from great opportunities that 2017 will present, then shape the marketing strategy based on new guidelines. This will be important especially if you didn’t achieve this year’s targets.

3. Invest in content marketing

Any company with no website is doomed to fail. With a well-designed website, try updating marketing content by utilizing the numerous tools available. With top notch content having the essential keywords, your chance of being ranked top on search engine is also higher.

4. Expand your network

There is no doubt that business work well when better connected. Whether it is with workmates, finance department, clients, sponsors or content creators, be sure to establish a well-connected network into new horizons. This will help increase catchment areas by getting to tap into new regions.

5. Email marketing

There is no doubt that this is one of the top marketing tools not only for now, but also next year. There is a large crowd of people out here who could really stream on lots of sales through emails. Consider utilizing this cost-friendly method which generates a high conversion rate than no other.

6. Improve the quality of service or product offered

Don’t underestimate the power in word-of-mouth approaches. Many people trust services or products they have heard from friends and family members. To benefit from such an approach consider improving the product be it in packaging or color come next year. Let people appreciate the product for its quality and the word will spread like fire.

7. Who is your competitor?

Evaluate the performance of your competitors and how they beat you this year. Try to look at what they plan to offer next year and see loopholes in their service to generate selling points that will benefit your organization next year.

8. Consider attraction marketing

Stop trying to be like your competitors just because they are beating you. Consider investing in aspects of service delivery that will pull crowds towards you. Avoid playing catch-up as this destroys the whole marketing strategy.

9. Seek to understand changing trends before making moves

When you make a marketing moves, be sure of the current market trends. Be curious to know what is going on by researching and staying updated. Prey on little trends that give you an advantage against your competitors.

Finally, for any marketing department that aims to be productive next year, the planning now is a must. There is so much that goes on over the festive season that could derail 2017’s marketing strategy if not planned early. A combination of this tips will definitely offer better results.


Nowadays where each item that you sell or service which you offer has a thousand different contenders giving similar items and services, what will you do to make stay in the market and still make profit? The secret is to make your business image and identity which separates you from the competitors. This is going to be achieved through branding your business.

A brand is an accumulation of association and experiences associated with a business, an item or a service. Purchasers make their decisions and purchase an item or service as per the brand identity, depending on the perception, impression, or the qualities of that item or a service that your business or the competitors give.

Branding your business offers a type of guarantee. Once the purchasers like your items and services, they will keep on patronizing it and turn into your dedicated clients, regardless of the number of your competitors. This is on the grounds that they have effectively built up loyalty to your business. How would you make a brand to make your business unique from your competitors? This can be done using these branding techniques:

1. Be close the clients by giving them quality items and services. It is just by doing these that you can address and fulfill their issues, tastes and inclinations. In branding your business, your goal is to make an advantageous relationship with the clients, including your objective and potential market so that both sides, you and the clients, are helping one another. Brand loyalty is the result of serving the clients adequately and well, and of imparting to them an impression, or qualities of your business.

2. Differentiate your products or services. This is a procedure to make your services and products stand out in the market and are going to complement the brand of your business. Differentiate your products or services by indicating to the clients the attributes, for example, the quality, efficient after-sales services, and packaging services which will make them buy from you instead of your competitors. These distinction features are what the clients will remember the most when they are through with transactions, which is going to result to their returning and turning to be your loyal customers.

3. Position your services & products. Through positioning, you guarantee that your brand possess a particular place in the market, not just in connection to alternate brands of similar products or services, but also in connection to items that could be utilized under comparable conditions. Positioning may be done by item differentiation, promotion and brand image.

4. Advertise to promote your business. Necessary advertising fitting to your requirements can communicate to the market about the brand of your business. That way, you can discover your specialty, which is comprised of a particular group or class of purchasers who need and like your products & services.

It is just by branding your business that you will have the capacity to fight your competitors, since you have made a unique image & identity in the minds of your clients. Your business’ brand name will turn into your name, asset, and clients will even pay a huge premium for your products & services. This is a powerful approach to survive the high competition in the market.