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So you want to be ahead of the pack come 2017! Well, if you are going to realize improved results and maintain the trend all over the New Year, then developing your strategy now is important. Just 40 days into the New Year, there is need to schedule meetings for your sales and marketing team now rather than later. While your competitors focus on how to spend their holiday annual bonuses, this is your chance to come up with strategies that will help achieve better results next year. Here are a few tips to keep your marketing strategy ahead of the rest come next year.

1. Budget well for marketing strategies next year

This the time to get in touch with the finance department for New Year marketing strategies funding details. It may seem too early, but next will presumably present opportunities with a more competitive business environment. With a clear consideration on the allocations for marketing come next year, it will be easier to come up with cost-informed strategies.

2. Dump 2016’s marketing guide in the bin

It is important to face the New Year with new ideas. If your organization is to benefit from great opportunities that 2017 will present, then shape the marketing strategy based on new guidelines. This will be important especially if you didn’t achieve this year’s targets.

3. Invest in content marketing

Any company with no website is doomed to fail. With a well-designed website, try updating marketing content by utilizing the numerous tools available. With top notch content having the essential keywords, your chance of being ranked top on search engine is also higher.

4. Expand your network

There is no doubt that business work well when better connected. Whether it is with workmates, finance department, clients, sponsors or content creators, be sure to establish a well-connected network into new horizons. This will help increase catchment areas by getting to tap into new regions.

5. Email marketing

There is no doubt that this is one of the top marketing tools not only for now, but also next year. There is a large crowd of people out here who could really stream on lots of sales through emails. Consider utilizing this cost-friendly method which generates a high conversion rate than no other.

6. Improve the quality of service or product offered

Don’t underestimate the power in word-of-mouth approaches. Many people trust services or products they have heard from friends and family members. To benefit from such an approach consider improving the product be it in packaging or color come next year. Let people appreciate the product for its quality and the word will spread like fire.

7. Who is your competitor?

Evaluate the performance of your competitors and how they beat you this year. Try to look at what they plan to offer next year and see loopholes in their service to generate selling points that will benefit your organization next year.

8. Consider attraction marketing

Stop trying to be like your competitors just because they are beating you. Consider investing in aspects of service delivery that will pull crowds towards you. Avoid playing catch-up as this destroys the whole marketing strategy.

9. Seek to understand changing trends before making moves

When you make a marketing moves, be sure of the current market trends. Be curious to know what is going on by researching and staying updated. Prey on little trends that give you an advantage against your competitors.

Finally, for any marketing department that aims to be productive next year, the planning now is a must. There is so much that goes on over the festive season that could derail 2017’s marketing strategy if not planned early. A combination of this tips will definitely offer better results.

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