Google is a group of companies which deals with Android Apps, YouTube, Gmail, Google maps and search engine. Google the search engine controls almost 90% of the searches overall on the internet. It is also known as search giant. Most of the services provided by Google are free. A user uses all of its services free without paying any thing.

Google creates its revenue from intent advertising, google advertises video adds, banners and it also sells subscription based services to the users like Microsoft. There are applications on Android which are subscribed by paying the app cost. Similarly google plays all the advertisements on its web sites to generate its revenue.

Google’s search engine is the most popular service it provides a clean search data with thousands of pages loaded. It is the largest search engine in the world.

In a super competitive market where there are IT giants like Microsoft and yahoo which share the most of IT company shares think that the Google search is all about monopoly. However, it is still under discussion that is it for real or just the anger of competitors about the company.

Google Monopoly is just a claim

Google is not being competed since 2000s by any other company it almost shares the 67% of search market with less than 3% of advertising market globally. Whereas it owns 0.24% of customers of technology market. In 2014 Google had the amount revenue of 60 billion dollars which came from the Google Search Engine. While in 2015 Google reached the search engine shares of 75% which means that around 13 billion users use Google search in a month. This is claimed as monopoly of google by many of the Tech companies but Google has not forced its customers to use it or it has not suppressed other search engines. It is all the game of words and providing the better services.

According to the former CEO of Microsoft he claims that Google is playing monopoly by advertising its own services more and he thinks that Google charges $1 to billions to advertise a product on its search engine. In other words, they advertise the things which pay more, but he couldn’t prove later whatever he claimed.

Many of the Tech companies play against it and file cases but it many of them ended in the favor of google. Referring to other analysts Google is just a Tech company like many others but the companies like Microsoft which share 18% and yahoo which shares 11% of market share think a company with 0.24% market share plays monopoly.

Google has its motto of “Don’t be Evil” and it is part of the ethics and branding their products. It’s easy to squeeze the competitors by affording monopoly while the companies like Google are continuously working hard to provide the better services day by day. These kinds of monopolies and games are their part of business which Google faces every day.

How the EU sued Google for search results manipulation:

Google has been sued with a fine of $2.7 billion by European Commission for breaking its anti-trust law. According to the spokesperson of European Union that during the search results of shopping Google’s own shopping service it has promoted its shopping service while demoting the services of few of the best shopping services which is ethically illegal as per the laws of European Union. As per the case file it has been mentioned that Google should give equal opportunities to everyone instead of promoting its own products by using its own numbering search algorithms. In continuation Google, has rejected the claim saying that it will appeal in the court after reviewing the matter carefully.

For a company, which is providing better services, monopoly is part of its everyday activity. Similarly, Google is sure that the revenue it generates from its search engines is utilized for other services few of which failed as well like Google plus. While the only cash flow for Google is its searches and advertisements which are utilized in company to keep it stable and going forward. The Google monopoly are just the claims nothing really exits to prove it!

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