We are living in a polluted world that keeps our health and that of other living organisms at risk. Water pollution, for instance, has led to the depletion of various marine species. Oil spills into water bodies have made marine life difficult. The air we inhale today is full of pollution from a variety of sources. Chemicals emitted from factories, car emissions, dust, mold spores and pollen all contribute to air pollution. However, pollen can gain a considerable level of tolerance because it is from pollination that we humans get the food we eat. Mold spores cause mold poisoning symptoms in humans thus people sensitive to mold should avoid inhaling or touching the spores. Dry areas or mines have the highest composition of dust. therefore dust has no preference in strategic eradication of air pollution. Factories are also significant contributors to air pollution through chemicals they emit. They should seek to covert these emissions into less toxic gases before they emit them into the free air.

The largest composition of air pollution comes from car emissions. Statistics show that the number of cars in the world today could be as many as the people living in it. All these cars either have petrol engines or diesel engines. You should already be visualizing on some gases from combustive fuels that are being released o the air by these moving cars. It is evident that with such a rate of air pollution, we have jeopardized future. However, its never too late to change our course and enjoy the kind of future we desire.

China has taken a profound concern by seeking to ban petrol and diesel cars shortly and promote manufacturing of electric vehicles.The success of this initiative by China is probably high. China is known for its car manufacturing technology. It provides the largest car market in the world. In the previous year, China sold more than twenty eight million vehicles. Other nations supported china’s move; like the France and Britain which announced similar plans to ban selling petrol and diesel vehicles from the year 2040. The government of China is running at a quite fast speed towards this initiative.

It has introduced a regulation in a draft that compels all its vehicle manufactures to make as many as possible electric vehicles by the year 2020. China’s vehicle industries have already started the implementation of this regulation. Over the last year, China recorded a sale of 500,000 electric vehicles which is more than 50% more than the year 2015. The Volvo company will have its first 100% electric car introduced in the market in 2019 while the ford company will launch its first electric vehicle early next year.

Similarly, Tesla is an organization founded in 2003 to accelerate the transition of the world to sustainable energy. It’s evident that Tesla has achieved its mission to this day. Tesla is not only producing electric vehicles but also generating clean energy and storage products. The electric vehicles manufactured have greater advantages over the gasoline cars. They are fast, and the driver finds more fun driving them. Tesla produces its cars in California Fremont Factory. The speed at which Tesla is moving can indicate the success of elimination of petrol and diesel vehicles in the market. There are no doubts that we are moving towards our desired future.

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