Having a shared co-working office space is a good way when you want to establish an office outside your home. Freelancers and entrepreneurs are moving towards the shared co-working offices. But everything comes with a fair share of their advantages and drawbacks. Here’s a little discussion about the various pros and cons of using a shared co-working office space:


Co-working office spaces are pocket friendly as compared to conventional office rentals

With conventional office rentals, you can end up paying a lot of money. However, using shared co-working office spaces could help you rent a place at the basic prices depending upon your needs. These shared offices help you to pay for services that you use. This means if you need only a high speed internet connect, you are going to pay for this service only. The shared co-working office spaces also allow you to use their office equipments such as printers and copiers.

These shared co-working office spaces bring like minds together

These shared office spaces bring together like minded people to come up with creative and innovative solutions to all types of business problems.

Co-working office spaces help you to build networks

Co-working office spaces can help you connect with your team members efficiently. Your coworkers could help you with referrals and building networks.

Shared co-working offices break the monotony

Building a business could require an open mind and creativity. Staying back in the house everyday could make your days monotonous limiting any scope for creative and innovative ideas. Having a shared office space could help you meet new people and exchange insights for better growth of your business.

Makes you look a lot more professional

Dealing with clients in your home is never really a good idea. Having a shared co-working office space could help you host your clients in a professional manner.

The shared co-working spaces provide exceptional flexibility

The shared office spaces offer you with flexible plans as you rent out the offices on monthly basis. You can immediately shift to a new office in case number of your team members has changed. The various office amenities are also available on monthly basis.

Co-working office spaces tend to sidetrack you a lot of times

The shared offices offer extreme distractions because of presence of a number of like-minded people. The distractions could affect your overall day’s productivity.

Shared office spaces lack privacy

This is probably one of the major drawbacks of shared office spaces. You may face difficulty while taking calls from clients as your conversations will be heard by everyone.

Shared co-working offices limit your hours of working

Most of the offices work from 9 to 5 and could limit your working hours as compared to that hours you get while working from home.

Sharing doesn’t let you define your own culture

When you are sharing an office with another office, it gets difficult for you to define your own culture. This is because you have another complete team that follows a different culture altogether.

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