The freelancing industry is on the rise, and it has given a lot of unemployed and undiscovered talent the platform to earn and perform respectively.

Outsourcing basically happens when an organization hires freelancers to do their work, and the main reason behind it is cost cutting and specialized working. So, this begs the question, is it still worth to hire employees in the era of high outsourcing and automation? Read on to find out.

Work From Home Concept

The concept of working from home truly appears attractive to anyone who wants to earn with comfort and ease. According to a recent survey by the Swiss, seventy percent of the world’s population work remotely from home at least once a week globally.

Following a strict routine of a nine-to-five job is too much to handle for a lot of people, so they prefer to do a job that caters to their needs and offers flexibility in timing and commute.

Organizations Prefer Freelancers

It is not entirely true that organizations prefer freelancers for all of their work, but they do prefer to outsource their work to individuals or companies outside so as to reduce expenses.

Some areas where organizations usually outsource are; when a company is hiring new people, when they have to outsource their marketing campaigns, and hiring freelance programmers and writers. Organizations get the candidates perfectly suited for the jobs, and one-time payments are made, which reduce expenses in the long run.

Not Answerable To A Single Boss

Employees prefer a good boss, and would do anything to get rid of a horrible boss as soon as they can. This is not possible in a normal nine-to-five job, but as a freelancer you have the liberty to get rid of a boss whenever you want to.

This is due to the fact that as a freelancer, you get to work for different clients. You are never stuck with a single boss, but instead deal with a lot of different people. In the meantime, if you click with a client then you can have a long-term contract with them too.

Difficulty In Keeping A Proper Check

It is extremely difficult for employers to always keep tabs on employees that are hired as freelancers. A proper check and balance on their work is not possible as they work remotely, and their working hours are not measurable.

Reviews and ratings of the freelancer are the only metrics which could instill confidence in the employer. All these things show the credibility of the worker, but they do not guarantee that the work ethic is going to be the same as before.

Operational Employees Still Needed

Although outsourcing work to specialists may seem very attractive, there are only a handful of departments where work can be outsourced. In many departments, there is still a need for laborious workforce and operational work that has to be done right on the spot.

If an employer wants something to be done inside two hours in America, you cannot rely on a freelancer sitting in Pakistan. Time Zone differences are another factor due to which companies can’t outsource everything.

Our Verdict?

Yes, the trend of outsourcing is increasing day by day but it is not at all advisable to stop hiring employees. There is always a need of work on the go, and remote jobs are never going to be able to fulfill that role. Outsourcing is a great option, but only for some specialized jobs.

Twenty years down the line, organizations will be looking forward to hiring fewer employees and downsizing but today it is not possible as automation in work is not on as high a level as it should be.

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